1995 honda odyssey manual

Just wanted to share my latest creation with the rest of the Honda world.
The shifter and all associated Honda hardware came out of a 95 Prelude.
I was planning to use a vtec sohc engine from an Accord EX or Acura CL, but when I started reading about what Bisi Ezerioha had to say about the F22A1 cylinder head, I started having second thoughts.
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Coverage and terms of your vehicle's warranties, including general provisions, new vehicle limited warranty, emissions, tires and accessories warranties, replacement parts and more.I wanted to get something genuine, but I drive it almost every day, and I didn't see the point in thrashing an expensive kit, when I can get this one for 500 and not worry about.I'm going to have a buddy make a center-console, but for now I'm having fun showing off the mechanicals of the conversion.I always used to say I wouldn't be caught owning a minivan, let alone anything with an automatic tranns, but here I am with one now.It makes the van look like a giant hatchback.I was very lucky.

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Who says minivans shack audio transient shaper have to be dull and boring?
It was very reasonbly priced at 50, and suprisingly high quality.
This is what really trips people out; the shifter.
Believe it or not I even added 1" inch bolt-on spacers in the back, and the tires still don't rub.The Owner's Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features.It matches the Momo wood steering wheel almost perfect.Still, if I have to own one it's going to look cool and be fun for me and the kids to cruise in it, so after I got it I went straight to work.The wing is a genuine Mugen piece, and I got it for 78!The body kit is some kind of cheap knock-off, I think of a Garson kit.Please excuse the picture quality (or lack there of I had to use take them with my cell-phone camera, since my digi-cam is on the frits.Of course I had to cut and hack the clutch pedal so that it wouldn't be to far to the left and on the floor.