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11 Electrical Installations hmso, London 1944 Post War Building Studies.
Shutters edit BS 1363 sockets must have shutters on the line and neutral contacts to prevent the insertion of a foreign object into the socket.
Changes include introduction of sleeved pins on Line and Neutral, metric dimensions replacing inches, specifications added for non-rewirable 2.4.3 mutilate pvp build plugs and portable socket-outlets.BS 1363-1:1995 A4:2012 will remain current until August 2016: BS 1363-2:2016 (Title unchanged) published.18 BS 1363-5: a b ThinPlug Alan Winstanley.BS 546 plug and socket, which are still found in slender woods game no old installations or in special applications.For 13 A fuses: 1400 s at 30 A,.120 s at 50 A and.010.2 s at 100.The prevalence of battery powered quartz controlled wall clocks has meant that this connector is rarely seen in new installations for clock use.The guidance in the Approved Documents refers to BS 7671 as being one way to achieve compliance.The protective-earth pin is a rectangular cross section.0 mm.0 mm,.3 mm long and with a centre line.2 mm from the line/neutral pin centre line.1 added specification for surface mounted switch outlets.

Smith in 1883, and there were two-pin designs by 1885, one of which appears in the (British) General Electric Company Ltd.
13.10 BS 1363-2:1995A4:2012,.
11.8 BS 1363-1:1995A4:2012,.This plug was also once used in theatrical installations for the same reasons as the 15 A model below.However, to ensure that this protection has a rating matched to the appliance flexible cord fitted to the plug, a fuse rated between 1 A and 13 A is incorporated into each plug.The standard specifies breaking time versus current characteristics only for 3 A or 13 A fuses.Plug adaptors permit two or more plugs to share one socket-outlet, or allow the use of a plug of different type.The Free Dictionary 5, Building Surveys and Reports, James Douglas, John Wiley Sons, 2010,.254 (retrieved from Google Books) 6, Computer Networking First-Step, Wendell Odom, Cisco Press, 2004,.38 (retrieved from Google Books) 7, Building Technology: Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Benjamin Stein, John Wiley Sons.26 This was shortly followed by patents from WB Sayers and G Hookham; these early designs had rectangular plugs with contact plates need for speed game for pc filehippo on either side.The Institution of Engineering and Technology also published information on the extent of the problem with on-line retailers, many advertising replacement cord sets, mobile device chargers, and travel adaptors fraudulently marked BS 1363, and mentioning the same sites.They are also used in other situations where a fuse or switch (or both) is required, such as when feeding lighting off a socket-outlet circuit, to protect spurs off a ring circuit with more than one socket-outlet, and sometimes to switch feeds to otherwise concealed.