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6 At the core of the tooth is soft connective tissue termed the dental pulp.
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Foods, such as vegetables, that are rich with carotenoids or xanthonoids can stain teeth.All of these characteristics severely constrain the defensive capacity of the pulp tissue when faced with the different aggressions to which it may be subjected.It is possible that after conventional endodontic therapy has been completed, little to no resolution of the periapical lesion occurs over a considerable amount of time; there is a great deal of current research that discusses the possible reasons for this outcome and game bowling 3d s60v2 suggests possible.Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology.Murphy, WK, Healing of periapical radiolucencies after nonsurgical endodontic therapy, Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 1991 May;71(5 620-4.In direct pulp capping, the protective dressing is placed directly over an exposed pulp; and in indirect pulp capping, a thin layer of softened dentin, that if removed would expose the pulp, is left in place and the protective dressing is placed on top.Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs which are endogenous zinc-dependent catabolic enzymes, are primarily responsible for the degradation of much of the tissue matrices built on such architecturally important substances as collagen and proteoglycan core proteins.A b c Rao.6 The underlying dentin layer is darker than enamel, yellow-brown in color, and less transparent.A b c d Walmsley AD (2007).

6 7 As a result, necrotic tissue located within the pulp chamber and canals provide nutrients for pathogenic bacteria to grow and form a periapical lesion; 8 the infected tooth serves as a biochemically and physiologically ideal location for bacterial growth and maturation, and,.
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20 21 Conventional therapy edit Many authoritative clinicians and researchers advise 15 completing endodontic therapy as soon as possible, especially in situations necessitating incision and drainage, in order to remove the cause of infection without delay.The two single-headed arrows point to the.13 Fluorosis edit Mild fluorosis: mostly on the upper right central incisor Severe fluorosis: mottled enamel of an individual from a region with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride Fluorosis may occur when there is chronic and excessive exposure to fluoride during the years.10 At the same time, the enamel layer is gradually thinned by tooth wear processes such as attrition and acid erosion, a degree of which is considered normal.Management edit Discoloration of the front teeth is one of the most common reasons people seek dental care.32 Suppl 1: 312.6 Dentin forms the bulk of the tooth substance, 7 and contributes most to the overall tooth color.33 References edit a b Lopez-Marcos,.A b c d e f Summitt JB (2006)."The Most Prevalent Tooth Shade in a Particular Population: A survey".