computer science book for class 8 cbse

Ch3 - Synthetic Fibres and Plastics (Q A).
Unit 3: Introduction to Python (44 Theory 36 Practical) Periods.
Data Communication terminologies: Concept of Channel, Bandwidth (Hz, KHz, MHz) and Data transfer rate (bps, Kbps, Mbps, Gbps, Tbps).Unit 2: Advance Programming with Python (42 Theory 36 Practical) Periods.Ceil, floor, fabs, exp, log, log10, pow, sqrt, cos, sin, tan, degrees, radians, from random module (uniform, random, randint choice shuffle).Cbse Teachers Manual, cBSE Supplementary Material, advertisements).Ch 6 - Play Game to label zones of a flame.Internal Storage encoding of Characters: ascii, iscii (Indian Scripts Standard Code for Information Interchange and unicode (for multilingual computing).The topics included are Computer Fundamentals, Programming Methodology, Introduction To Python, Programming with Python, Introduction to C, Programming.Dicitionary functions and methods : cmp ( len( clear( get( has_key( items( key( update( values( pop( fromkeys( dict( ).Network devices: Modem, RJ45 connector, Ethernet Card, Router, Switch, Gateway, wifi card.

Ch 8 - Interactive Cell - Play to learn about cell organelles.
Inheritance: Concept of base class and derived class : Single, multilevel and multiple inheritance- Overriding methods, using super( ) in derived class to invoke _ _init _ or overridden methods of parent class.
Ch 2 - Micro-organisms - Friend and Foe (Q A).Ch3 - Synthetic Fibres and Plastics (MCQs).Ch4 - Uses of Some Common Metals and Non-Metals.Network Protocol: TCP/IP, File Transfer Protocol (FTP PPP, smtp, POP3 Remote Login (Talent and Internet Wireless/Mobile Communication protocol such as GSM, cdma, gprs, and WLL.Dictionaries: Concept of key-value pair, creating, initializing and accessing the elements in a dictionary, traversing, appending, updating and deleting elements.Generator function using Yield.Role of Logical Operations in Computing.Ch7 - Conservation of Plants and Animals(MCQs).Memory Concepts: Units: Byte, Kilo Byte, Mega Byte, Giga Byte, Tera Byte, Peta Byte, Exa Byte, Zetta Byte, Yotta Byte.