convert units of length worksheet

For example, 1 mile 5,280 feet.
The levels of difficulty work a little differently depending on whether you choose individual units or conversions between all metric units.
How do I convert 17 meters and home and away 2015 spoilers brax 80 centimeters into centimeters?
If your units don't cancel, start over and try again.Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results.Some difficulty levels for certain type of conversions will not accept decimal digits at all.It is exactly equivalent to 1 cubic centimetre (cm, or, non-standard, cc).Book 4 covers a variety of topics.To get the PDF a love so beautiful roy orbison worksheet, simply push the button titled ".In our example, we still need to convert hours to minutes.

Method 1 Converting Units 1, compare your two units.
How do I convert square feet to cubic feet?
Grams kilograms ounces pounds tons top, what's the volume?
Search naruto season 2 episodes for a calculator online that converts for that specific ingredient, using its density.
That means we multiply by 10 three times, or just move the decimal three spaces to the right.You are here: Home, worksheets, measuring, make worksheets for conversion of various measuring units both customary and metric units.X.54 cm/1.Here are a couple examples: To convert from kilometers to meters: kilo means 1000, so 1 kilometer 1000 meters.Make sure to include every unit in your calculations.Cancel units that appear on top and bottom.4, write a multiplication problem with your original number and the fraction.Remember, you can only convert between two units that measure the same thing.