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Click on the de fontes para word 2007 book in the lower left to home and away 2015 spoilers brax access your journal.
This has caused me so much frustration!
Use the grappling on the cave entrance (K) and click on the entrance to climb.Back out one time and go forward through the arched passageway and right to the statue park.Place the feathers on the flame.The goal is to move the goats to the blue slots on the left and the rams to the red spots on the right.

Click on the newsstand to access a Hidden Object Scene.
Place the fixer in the fixer jar (G).
Use the broom on the 6 scorpions (Z) and when you are complete sparkles appear in the baby carriage.
Download: From Filefactory (Part 1 from Filefactory (Part 2 oR: From Filesonic (Part 1).
Even without any bonus game at all, and none of the usual CE bling, this game is worth the price, for the integrated strategy guide alone.Place the ham on the bread to get a sandwich.Use the AXE on the tree that is blocking the road 4 times.Place the mailbox flag on the hole in the side of the mailbox and take the letter.Take the kerosene lamp (A).Back out of the area two times, head left and into the hotel.Look close at the cabinet in the upper right and use the code from the telescope (457) on the lock (S) to open the book.Once you have clicked on a track you must place it somewhere on the right in order to get another one.Click portable hdd regenerator 1.51 hdd bad sector remover on the rowboat (J) and take the crowbar (K) and the rose (L).