date converter from hijri to gregorian

Now I need rk launcher 0.41 beta build 282 your voting on the artilce T Well, I am an eastern aisian, and I am not familiar with the conversion formula from Gregorian to Hijri calendar, the search on Internet has cost me quite an amount of time.
DateTimeFormatInfo New ltureInfo en-US False).DateTimeFormat Dim hijri As New UmAlQuraCalendar Dim nYear As Long CDate(ar Dim nmonth As Integer CDate(nth Dim nDAY As Integer CDate(idate.
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It is of course not your fault, but.NET's deficiency that it does not provide conversion methods to convert dates between calendars.
IslamiCity is a registered trademark of hadi, a nonprofit 501 (c 3) organization.I have a concern about the Um Alqura Calendar.Name: Hijri To Gregorian Date Convert, base name: hijri-gregorian-date, description: Convert dates between Gregorian to Hijri calendars.I'm developing a software system for a mosque these days.Floor(29.5001 * im - 29 double myRes new double8; myRes0 day; / body measurement tracker app ipad calculated day (CE) myRes1 month - 1; / calculated month (CE) myRes2 year; / calculated year (CE) myRes3 jd - 1; / julian day number myRes4 wd - 1; / weekday number myRes5.DAY_OF_month double month NTH double year AR double m month 1; double y year; if (m 3) y - 1; m 12; double a Math.Abdul Sami Reealy it takes things in mined and it good idea thanks i used your code with some modification.Very thanks for that.Warn GregToHijri ssage return / summary / Convert Hijri Date to it's equivalent Gregorian Date and / return it in specified format / /summary / param name"greg" /param / param name"format" /param / public string GregToHijri(string greg, string format) if (greg.

Using this calendar you can convert from Umm Al-Qura to Gregorian and vice versa, and also you can use mpleDateFormat to format dates.
When I am converting the string to DateTime format, I need to provide formats to match the string with the date.
Have a blessed Ramadan!Can u provide me with one PLZ?This variable represents instance of HijriCalendar class.HijrahChronology; Date datenew Date / Calendar tInstance tTime(date HijrahDate t(t(NTH)1, t(Calendar.This function is the opposite of the above one.