digimon world 2 strategy guide

New digimons seen: Seadramon(champion) Lv 14 Cactusmon(champion) Lv 13 Mamemon(ultimate) Lv 22 Gold gottsumon(ultimate) Lv 22 Ice meramon(ultimate) Lv 22 Lilymon(ultimate) Lv 23 Evil flower(ultimate) Lv 23 Pink Monochromon(ultimate) Lv 24 Megaseadrmon(ultimate) Lv 23 Square robot(ultimate) Lv 23 Bosses: Silver Metal Seadramon(mega ulitmate).
There are three photoshop cs4 trial windows types of bombs and that is why you need buy better pickers.
It is quite incredible that growing is much easier than catching.Hint: Try to use attacks which could attack three digimons in one time and include Metal Greymon in your team bacause it is a really a great digimon.Digimons you will find in this quest Digimon's name Level Gabumon 3 Gottsumon 3 Piyomon 3 Gomamon 3 Wheelmon 3 Picodevimon 5 Peaguinmon 3 Candmon 5 Plantmon 4 Kunemon 3 Gazimon 3 Betamon 4 Palmon 5 Ice Agumon 4 Toy Agumon 4 Transparent Toy Agumon.When you win the competition, you will be given items.He has three ultimates also and you might felt that they keep coming to fight with you and this is quite stressful.A teleport base will appeared but there is no key to activate.Back TO first yurina kumai 3rd photobook world MAP Are you surprised that we are again back to the first world map and your leader told you that some places are attacked by evil digimons and he want you to stop this bad people send by the dark emperor.If you follow my instructions, you sure win this battle.After winning the battle, go back to your city and talk to your leader.When you win the competition, you will have extra items and digimon badges.

I will not be playing this game anymore and will be publishing other guides.
She has two skills, slashing fist and yellow blast power.
Go to your leader and to him.
Content of my guide: 1)Introduction 2)Walkthrough 3)Evolution of Digimons 4)Training skills and levels 5)Combinations of digimons 6)How to equip and put back items 7)Catching of digimons 8)Secrets 9)List of useful Items 10)Maps 11)Battle Arena 12)Credits Introduction, you will be walking arond in a maze with.He has a ultimate called metal monzaemon who is quite strong in using pup attacks and using love attacks causing your digimons to lose some of their skills temporily for example, attacks that attack three person.If it is on the ground and you discover it and you have eqquipped a picker in your car, immediately press the circle button and throw the bomb away.New digimons seen: Marinedevimon(ultimate) Lv 25 Dagomon(ultimate) Lv 25 Dark Megaseadramon(ultimate) Lv 25 Metal Seadramon(mega-ultimate) Lv 31 Pukamon(mega-ultimate) Lv 31 Myotismon(ultimate) Lv 25 Treemon(ultimate) Lv 22 Tonosamagekomon(ultimate) Lv 22 Evil Giromon(ultimate) Lv 22 Grey Leomon(ultimate) Lv 24 Angewoman(ultimate) Lv 24 Bosses: Myotismon(ultimate) Lv 25 Venon.Because when you go to the second world map, there will be eight more mission waiting for you.The 6th Quest The Sixth quest's bosses is even harder to beat because they are all champions.If you don't know what is shakomon, it is a cockle shell.Their experience needed bar will always say 9999999 in this state.After the battle, you could now go back to your base and let your digimons rest.