gpsbabel convert kml to nmea

(moves KML icons) Typo fix in usage message.
Many installer tweaks for Windows.
Cover script for linux "gpsbabelfe" macromedia dreamweaver cs6 serial number rewritten from scratch.
The time class is still fundamentally a time_t (sigh) and shimmed to a subclass of QDateTime under conditional compilation.
Let geocache encoding type in GPX be case insensitive.More internationalization changes for Windows.Better types for vecs lookup functions.Misc hyperactive warning cleanups.This gets almost all of the accesses to wpt- creation_time into accessors (with overloads for int/time_t and QDateTime) and eliminates many of the problematic direct accesses to wpt- microseconds.Fix bug in height filter pointed out by Valerio Messina.They're now emitted only if they're not the default.Nmea: Fix obscure mem leak on amod waypoints.Waypt.c: Add traits handling.Olaf eliminates a zillion hardcoded staticly sized buffers and commonizes our ascii text reader into the new 'textfile' scheme.Add support for Swiss Map 50 'xol' d GPS data generator (hidden input format).Destinator : Be more liberal with sat and fix values.

Passed nmea serial (with valgrind testo and leaktest.
Doc Humminbird_ht, add patch rune of magic GPX extensions.
Allow stdin on posix gbser filename.Handle leading whitespace in whitespace separated xcsv files again.Clean up gpx reader for common wptType processing.Fix support for buffer wrap-around inoverflow case.Andrew Brooks adds multi-byte handling to Memory Map MMO format.Add realtime-tracking infrastructure and readers for Garmin PVT and nmea.Stop using read64 for doubles; fix.gpl heading/speed Move endian determination to be compile-time constant determined by configureand conveniently defaulting to LE for our favorite configure-less environment.Fernando Arbeiza contributes new " bend " filter, for adding turn points before and after a route vertex.