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Dennou Coil is a story of friendship and growing up, set in an exciting sci-fi world.
Episodes: 1:Movie, aired: Jun 1993, set in feudal Japan, Ninja Scroll tells the tale of Jubei Kibagami, an ex-ninja who is now a sword for hire.
Gon Freecs is 12 years old when he decides to take the exam, in the hope that one day he will be computer science book for class 8 cbse reunited with his father, a hunter who disappeared years before.Kono sekai, te ni shite, waraunda.For me, it was so hard to put Trigun so low on the list, because its one of my favourite anime, but Death Note clinched the number one spot for.Full of action, Ninja Scroll is one of Madhouses energyxt 2.5 serial number most famous works, and is still relevant today with its authentic historical setting and gory, graphic fight scenes.Luckily, everything in this world is decided by gaming, and the two quickly find their feet in the battle for humanity!Though not as popular as the manga, Madhouses Hunter x Hunter pleased fans by following it closely.One day hes saved from the bullies by boxing coach Mamoru Takamura, and life starts to look up for Ippo.Matteru no wa taikutsu darou, iinari ja, tsumannai, idonde yaru, umare naoshita inochi mo, koma ni shite.Madhouses adaptation of the manga is a reboot, following the less successful 1999 version.Jibun dake wa, futari jibun shinjiteru.También puedes leer este artículo en: Español, original Article Below, madhouse was formed in 1972 by animators from the bankrupt Mushi Pro (the studio responsible for classics like, Astro Boy).

Fortunately for Shinichi, instead of invading his brain and rendering him an alien slave, the Parasyte takes over his right hand.
This was important for the studio, as it earned the studio the respect of fans of the manga, and has lead to calls from fans for Madhouse to reboot other franchises.
Parasyte is a sci-fi horror, which depicts Shinichis journey into not-so-humanity.High school freshman Hiromi Oka is fascinated by the beautiful Reika Ryuzaki, star player of Nishi High.Light Yagami is handsome, intelligent, and bored.Donna rifujin, osoou tomo, kateba ii dake no hanashi darou.At number one, this anime is a big deal!When worm-like aliens start taking over human bodies, high-school student Shinichi Izumi is one of their victims.In fact, the series was so popular that Madhouse released a movie, Trigun: Badlands Rumble 12 years later, making it a top earner for the company.