media player 12.7 for windows 7

If the lyrics for a specific song are not found then you can add one yourself, but so far it showed the lyrics of every favorite song that I played.
I'm willing to buy more ram but i would like to know first if that will resolve this problem.
Copy Windows Media Player folder from downloaded files to C:Program Files.They are still available in my music, but the player no longer posts them when it lists the albums available.I forgot to mention that i'm running windows 7 home premium 64-bit.Dll from downloaded files in C:WindowsSystem32.The wmp 12 plays the files normally until i try to navigate using the players progress bar.Media Player Streaming Music I am having a problem i have 3 computers all on a network vsphere client 5.1 update 3 trying to share music from media player on my main computer(1).Basically, the longer i have windows media player open, the more ram it uses, in other words it keeps increasing until i close.But then after getting about half way through, it has just stopped.I'm running wmp12 on win7.

There are many settings to change, but a regular user won't need to tweak any of them, and an advanced user won't find what he is looking for.
This would not be a problem if i could download another copy.
They slaved my old drive as a e: local but had reformatted.
Does anyone know how i can get a jpeg picture in that one media player control window when i click on it so the picture will be there while it's playing?The interface of Windows Media Player 12 is similar like Windows Media Player 11 which Windows media Player 12 has brighter look and lighter processing than WMP11plus more advance WMP features included.For example-a downloaded album from amazon that i purchased about 10 days ago was fine until yesterday, when it disappeared.Step to install Windows Media Player 12 For Vista: Before doing installation, make sure you follow the step clearly and create a restore in your computer.Faulting application name: Wmpnetwk.