metadata cleanup demoted domain controller server 2008

If you are using the version of Active Directory Users and Computers or Active Directory Sites and Services that is included Remote Server Administration Tools (rsat metadata cleanup is performed automatically when you delete a DC object.
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Last success @ Thu Mar 10 07:52:23 2016 MSK KCC connection objects Connection Connection name: da7f-4497-a47a-f8bc9e8347a9 Enabled : true Server DNS name : main.
Sometimes it can/will happen that a correct removal from a Domain Controller isnt possible because of a hardware crash, you have to force the removal of a DC or the previous admin have left some garbage for you.
Local DC -Uadministrator -realmdomain.Search-ADAccount -accountdisabled FL SamAccountName,.Um eine optimale Benutzererfahrung sicherzustellen, empfehlen wir die Nutzung von Internet Explorer oder Chrome.Error code 0x20ae The role owner attribute could not be read.

Local has address # host -t A main.
I've been all over looking for answers and they all cover forcing a demotion when a secondary domain server is offline.
So you have to do a metadata cleanup, otherwise all other DCs will try to replicate with that machine, as they are thinking this Domain Controller still exists, which fills also the event viewer with not wanted error messages.For removal of a, rWDC or, rODC from AD Sites and Services you have to choose the.Server connections: quit metadata cleanup: select operation target select operation target: list sites.Server connections: quit metadata cleanup: select operation target select operation target: list domain.metadata cleanup is continuing.To remove a, rWDC with AD UC: - therefore right click the rwdc in question and choose the delete option - an additional popup will inform you, that the DC isnt demoted with dcpromo and you have to choose the checkmark to accept that normal.The primary Domain Server is also a 2008 R2 (Server1 Our goal is to eventually migrate the primary 2008 r2 server (Server1) over to a 2016 virtual server, but can't do that until next month, but we won't be needing the secondary domain controller server.