minecraft bukkit plugin lwc

CurseForge, help, register, sign In 453.89 KB,.7.9-R0.2 2 genero desktop client activex 158,827 565.12.6.2 2 402,791 562.42.5.0 2 100,783 561.45.5.0 2 3,694 558.18.5.0 2 51,862 439.68.4.6 2 265,376 443.81 KB,.4.2-R0.2 2 94,123 431.69.
Now the first thing to notice is how Customizable the LWC Plugin.
CB.2.5-R2.0 2 55,297 450.87 KB,.2.4-R1.0 2 65,262 425.50 KB,.1-R4 2 61,127 422.03 KB,.1-R4 2 7,335 421.33.Yml Here is an example of the config file: # Magnet module magnet: enabled: true # The radius around containers that they will suck up radius: 3 # How many items to check per sweep (per world) # It is highly unrecommended to use.Commands The public commands to any user in your server are: /cpublic - Publicises an inventory, yet protects it from someone else adding private protection.LightWeightChestProtection or known as, lWC is: A fairly simple (yet advanced) inventory protection mod.With MySQL Database support.All images and plugin description are property of the plugin's developper.Here I Have configured the Master config of the protection to have a limit on what is able on the server.Servers using LWC, page 4, servers: 158.cprivate - Privatises an inventory to the single player /cunlock - Removes an inventory password /cinfo - Information of the locked inventory /cremove - removes all protection of the inventory /cmodify - can add players to the locked chest: /cmodify player1 player2 player 3 /climits.When adding LWC to your profile, I recommend you firstly save your profile without restarting to edit the config files: -core.

Will be able to be secured and will also be auto-protected "Meaning he will not have to use the command to protect the chest, the plugin will auto private the chest".
Finally: When a player places a Wooden Door,.
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Yml, here in the guide I will show you how to configure the LWC Plugin and its config files, also the permissions and commands given with this plugin.
CB.0.1-R.43 KB.0.1-R1 2 67,986 411.46 KB.0.1-R1 2 16,109 411.29 KB.0.1-R1 2 7,126 298.66 KB.0.1-R1 2 30,655 298.57 KB.0.1-R1 2 16,149 298.54 KB.0.1-R.54.0.0 1 15,795 324.72 KB.0.1-R1 2 55,866.I really hope this guide was helpful, if you need anymore help send an email to: Good luck with this plugin and GET protection those valuables!NOT be able to be protected.Official URL : kkit.Includes: d - Allows the group/player to access any protection, except those owned by an LWC admin min - Allow the player access to the Admin cyberlink youcam 4 full version for windows 8 menu and full permission to remove or clear the lwc database, give this to only trusted members!It started out as a chest protection mod, but has now expanded to all inventories, which includes furnaces and dispensers.Yml, here is the base config file: # type: # default limit counts ALL default protections (ignores chest furnace Etc) # custom limit becomes a default PER-block limit, while chest furance etc is the PER-block limit (e.g 0 protected furnaces, 2 chests) # chest: unlimited.A more into deep configuration guide of the core.