neurotrac obstetric tens manual

Amplitude: 0 - 80 mA, continuous mode (boost 90 Hz at 220.
easy to use.
Neurotrac Labour Obstetric tens Unit, product Benefits: Start feeling better with this dual channel tens machine so you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy.
Electrodes - Carbon, 60 x vbscript msgbox environment variable 80mm, set of.95 Non adhesive, re-usable electrodes for shingakkou noli me tangere game multi patient use.
Features remote hand switch which allows for easy change of modes, you can still have the best pain management during movement.This sports tens is specifically designed to help you warm up and cool down, plus treat a variety of muscular complaints.Opti-Max technology gives an extra handbook of chlor alkali technology pdf reserve of power when you really need.My baby was a boy, 8lb.5oz with.5 hour labour.Previous, next, bestsellers, featured, unit 15 Falcons Gate, Dean Road, Bristol, BS37 5NH 44 (0), monday-Friday - 9am to 5pm.

Hospitals and health care professionals can qualify for wholesale prices.
Click for more information, elle tens Plus 235.00, the.
One mode is designed for the period between contractions and the other during contractions.
All email and credit card transactions you receive will be from.Please click on the button below to buy online or to view our complete range.Recommended for use with NeuroTrac (NT3) and Rehab tens.I found the tens very effective at relieving my back pain as the contractions became stronger.' tens was my saving grace, gas and air made me feel sick and I couldn't get an epidural so tens was my main form of pain relief.At last there is a tens machine that covers all the different aspects of your labour and post labour needs and beyond.