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Various groups have also pirated the anime and given their own English subs to it for as long as the anime has been running.
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Click "show" to view animation directors.The first episode aired in Japan on October 20, 1999.Showhide Episode Screenplay Art Animation Director(s) Director(s) Storyboard 1 Junki Takegami Tomoko Yoshida Kazuya Hisada Knosuke Uda 2 Michiru Shimada Miyuki Sato Eisaku Inoue Tetsuji Nakamura native instruments komplete 4 3 Michiru Shimada Tomoko Yoshida Kenji Yokoyama Hidehiko Kadota 4 Junki Takegami Kunihiro Senda Masayuki Takagi Munehisa Sakai.Notably, fansubs popularized the usage of the word "nakama which directly means friend, comrade, or crewmate.On November 2, 2013, FUNimation began simulcasting English subbed episodes at the same time as the Japanese broadcast.One Piece was removed from Toonami after March 18, 2017.You are going to watch One Piece Episode 752 english dubbed / subbed online for is episode is our 40462 release.However, after more than three years, it was announced on March 10, 2017 that One Piece would again be removed from the block after March 18, 2017.One Piece Episode 751 up, one Piece Episode 753.The show continues with episodes, 13 movies, 8 TV specials and.

4Kids heavily edited the series to make it more appropriate for its target demographic, removing things such graphic violence, firearms, cigarettes, and changing some names referencing unsuitable themes such as Ace and Smoker.
1 The One Piece TV show was the most downloaded TV torrent for the week ending July 7, 2008 (the conclusion to Usopp's fight with Perona in the Thriller Bark Arc).
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FUNimation Edit FUNimation Entertainment acquired the rights to the anime on April 13, 2007, airing on the Toonami and later Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network despite a cancellation from 2008 to 2013.However, the quality of the fansubs are highly dependent on the quality of the anime the groups manage to pirate and the quality of the sub translations they provide.Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Shanks, Luffy and his crew travel across the Grand Line, experiencing crazy adventures, unveiling dark mysteries and battling strong enemies, all in order to reach One Piece!FUNimation airs both subbed and dubbed episodes.'One Piece' Most Downloaded TV Series Via BitTorrent Site Navigation Edit v e?