os interview questions and answers for freshers pdf

Fragmentation is virtual cd for xp a phenomenon of memory wastage.
How many processes will need to be terminated?
72.What is multi tasking, multi programming, multi threading?Note: This condition implies the hold-and-wait condition, but it is easier to deal with the conditions if the four are considered separately.An executing program is known as process.19) What is a thread?It is the one of deadlock-avoidance method.

1) What is an operating system?
The example for preemptive scheduling is people standing in queue for tickets.
Note : A reentrant procedure can be interrupted and called by an interrupting program, and still execute correctly on returning to the procedure.Questions and Answers on Real Time Operating Systems(rtos).There are two types of semaphore: Binary semaphores Counting semaphores 32) What is a binary Semaphore?Belady's Anomaly is also called fifo anomaly.24) Which are the necessary conditions to achieve a deadlock?All Experienced, Freshers and Students, heres the list of Questions Answers on Operating Systems with 100 topics:.5) What is a real-time system?Ans : - The concept of a logical address space that is bound to a separate physical address space is central to proper memory management.18) What are the four necessary and sufficient conditions behind the deadlock?Rollback return to some safe state, restart process for that state.