play the king's indian defence with g3 in 60 minutes

However,.Nbd7 and 6 ( Judit Polgár 's move) are also seen.
King's Indian Defense: Averbakh Variation.
You had no counterplay after that, and if you played.Rb8 he could simply take your light-squared bishop and destroy every mean of counterplay you have ( the point of this line is to sacrifice that bishop for h3 pawn ).
What could I have done better as black against my opponent?
This line is so forced that one wrong move will cost you the game.In practice, it is easier to exploit d4, and chances are balanced.His attack is severely slowed down, while you can continue the attack with.h5.The Controversial Samisch King's Indian.Translated by cd novo do thiaguinho 2013 Gesthuysen, Malcolm.The line is often played by White players hoping for an early draw, but there is still a lot of play left in the position.You can't play this line unprepared, you must know theory of this line very well.After he took the rook the game was over, but you managed to "come back".King's Indian Defence Mar Del Plata Variation.This is the only important moment you can use in this game to improve.

But White has also tried:.dxe5 dxe5.Qxd8 Rxd8 with even chances;.d5 Nc5.Qc2 a5 may transpose into the Petrosian System (see below 5 h6 4 Qe8.Bxf6 Bxf6.c5!, which is not totally reliable for Black.
The most common responses are:.Nbd7 with.exd4.
I also don't see how to continue the attack through this variation.3 The line where White accepts the gambit runs.0-0 3.dxc5 dxc5.Qxd8 (8.e5 Nfd7.f4.exf6 is also possible here, though less often seen) Rxd8.Bxc5 Nc6.Bh6.f4 Nhxf4.Bxf4- ).Nb6 Rg7.Nxd7?6 3.d5 Na5.A b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h The Sämisch Gambit.Black's activity is believed to give sufficient compensation.7.exd4 immediately surrenders the centre, with a view to playing a quick c7c6 and d6d5.Always aim to destroy opponent's counterplay, especially in these positions.6 is known as the Modern Variation.Even if you "get" classical.Bh3 sacrifice he will have Rxc7 in that setup and your attack is dead.