powerdvd 13 ultra 3d glasses

PowerDVD 10 Ultra simply provides the software support for PCs.
Maher wrote: fine but what is the use of PowerDVD 10 on normal HD capable live sound reinforcement pdf laptop screens if not able to turn the 2D dvd's or blue-ray's into 3D to some extent.
The blu-ray drive, video card and TV/monitor display ALL must have the appropriate circuitry for this.There isnt much changed on the types of stereoscopic 3D display devices and output modes from the previous version, though they were already quite comprehensive with support for only 3D-capable DLP Link projectors using DLP Link glasses being the only thing that xbox 360 dashboard update 16203 is still missing.Personally, I doubt that it will look very good-you can't get a good-looking 3D image from a 2D image-it's mostly a gimick in my opinion.Today CyberLink has introduced their new version 13 of the PowerDVD media player, bringing some new and interesting features and improvements, some of which related to 3D, though not that much is actually targeted especially at stereoscopic 3D support.2 - Most of the movies available today are.Many folks are getting confused because they are aware that you can use multi-colored glasses with a 2D display and see a 3D image.The new system requires two parallel video streams running at high speed.CyberLink also promises faster startup time for Blu-ray movies, better speed and responsiveness of the playback for various types of media.PowerDVD 13 Ultra is available with a price of.95.99 Euro and if you have an older 11/12 Ultra version you can upgrade for half the price of the license.But you still have to have the new 3D system to do this.The built-in 2D display of today's notebooks will not work with the new system.

Hi maher, That's the point: With regard to the new 3D capability of PowerDVD 10 Ultra, it will do nothing for you if you use it with a 2D display and graphics card.
If you are going to be using the player for Blu-ray 3D movie and would use the player mostly for 3D video playback youd need the Ultra version as the other two versions of the player Pro and Deluxe do not come with stereo.
Again, the new 3D features in PowerDVD 10 Ultra will not do a single thing for you if you are using a 2D display system.But this technique produces a poor 3D image and it is not compatible with the new system.It is interesting to note that the new PowerDVD 13 also supports TrueTheater HD for Blu-ray movies and Full HD videos (upscaling resolution) as compared to the previous version.The purpose of the new 3D features in PowerDVD 10 Ultra are: 1 - Support the new emerging 3D display capability of new 3D blu-ray discs that are designed for the new 3D system.In addition to the PowerDVD 10 Ultra software, your PC will also need a 3D blu-ray drive, a 3D-compatible video card and a 3D display with appropriate glasses.