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This has essentially comprised another mini-restoration process to make sure that everything is up to scratch.
4 Speed Original color: L04 - Cirrus White Condition: Parting out 9/06 B 72022122R Last Updated: 11/07/07 Paul Brown screensaver analog clock for windows xp / Kris Kessler Italy As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2122R Date Built: 2/1972 Date Invoiced: 3/1/1972 Engine S26052 Transmission 336-56/?
Download System Mechanic 10 professional full setup here.Looking for all rear suspension and axles?Memory and registry defragmentation.I have all receipts from restoration and 32 years of ownership.Running gear: The car starts easily and runs great - it idles rough until warmed up but then smooths out and revs and idles great.Original color: L05 - Carnival Red Condition: Current color: Imron Red Excellent For Sale reMarque 09/94 B 72082611R Last Updated: 2/06 Annapolis Maryland USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2611R Date Built: 8/1972 Date Invoiced: 8/25/1972 Engine S27467 Transmission?Original color: L05 - Carnival Red Condition: Current color: Yellow In the process of a proper frame-off restoration.

Steering; Totally refurbished steering rack and ball joints, Modified steering joints used.
All new water hoses fitted.
I have been driving it for 3 years now Photos B 72062394R Last Updated: 5/24/07 John Kenner San Anselmo California USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2394R Date Built: 6/1972 Date Invoiced: 6/12/1972 Engine S26833 Transmission?
Renault Fuego 5-speed gearbox.For sale on ebay 4/16/07 Photos B 72032167R Last Updated: 12/16/09 Mallory Sunderland Creston Montana USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2167R Date Built: 3/1972 Date Invoiced: 3/23/1972 Engine S26163 Transmission?4 Speed Original color: L04 - Cirrus White Condition: Current color: Silver Blue Metallic Fully restored by Banks Europa-Uk B 72021442P Last Updated: 1/25/13 Queensland Australia As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/1442P Date Built: 2/1972 Transmission 336-56/?but I'm sure the bushings need replaced for a "crisper" shifter feel.This one was about a father and son who fixed up an old gold leaf edition Europa with some special ground effects designed and built by Clark Lincoln, a GM design engineer.The car is complete and was running just fine until 2 years ago when the head gasket blew as it was heading out of RS Motorsports.Original color: L04 - Cirrus White Condition: Current color: White Run regularly and is in good, but not concours, condition.4 Speed Original color: L14 - Colorado Orange ast Updated: 11/04 South Africa As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/1034P Date Built: 9/18/1971 Date Invoiced: Engine 25203 Transmission 336-56/?It was completely rebuilt around a Spyder chassis by the PO in the early part of the decade: I have had it just about 4 1/2 years.