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Org and do it that way, but there are many ways to install a Windows type MBR though, including: Code: sudo corpse party pc game english apt-get install syslinux sudo dd if/usr/lib/syslinux/n of/dev/ sda And replace sda if you gta 4 eflc games for windows live want to install the MBR to a different drive.
I should mention that all a Windows MBR does is attempt to boot whichever partition on the HDD is marked as bootable, or active, so there are many open-source boot loaders that do exactly the same thing, including the two methods given above.
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I have been playing with Ubuntu for a few weeks now, and I'd like to revert my computer back to it's original - factory - defaults.
Now you will see the list of all available partitions, there you select the linux partitions and delete.I was wondering if doing the steps in this post is what I need to do?Once you are logged in, fire up a terminal (in GUI mode) and type the following commands: su - # fdisk -l, this will list your hard disk partition information.Or another method: Code: sudo apt-get install mbr sudo install-mbr -i n -p D -t 0 /dev/ sda Both the "syslinux" and "mbr" packages are available in the repositories.Once the linux partition is mounted, you are dropped into the command shell prompt.Once installation complete follow the steps below.Click apply now, check the screen shots below.At the installation boot prompt that you get, enter the following command: boot: linux rescue.The time now is 03:11.Thats it your done.I've read on a slew of forums, that I need to use a Windows Recovery Disk.

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To Restore MBR, run boot-repair on terminal by typing the following command or select.
"sudo ms-sys -mbr /dev/sda otherwise I got permission denied.) 1) Boot with Ubuntu Live CD or Linux Mint Live CD 2) On the terminal: sudo apt-get install ms-sys then ms-sys -mbr /dev/hdX note: in my case the main windows xp system is located in hda1.
I have a dual boot system (Kubuntu / Windows XP Pro).
For the sake of this discussion, let us assume it is /dev/hda3.Originally Posted by inoxllor, tested on Ubuntu.04; Ubuntu.10 and Linux Mint.0 Live CDs.To install the bootloader on to the MBR.This you do by running the chroot command as follows: # chroot /mnt/sysimage # now you are in the shell with respect to the parent directory which is the linux partition on your harddisk.In the Terminal: sudo fdisk -l to list the partitions.