rk launcher 0.41 beta build 282

I read something about Vista protecting folders that are critical for rklauncher to store its preferences.
For Stacks: Perform a forum search for stacks docklet download it move the unzipped folder into rklauncher's docklets folder right click the dock and choose "add docklet" Where it says: docklet information tekkit single player world "Type change from Y'z docklet to Object Dock docklet click the stacks docklet.
I can't help any further for I'm running XP and never had problems with rklauncher.Are you on Vista?If so, try running the program with full rights, configure your dock, exit program and rerun it as regular user.41 beta build 282, greetings Fosssi.v2 beta tx transformer movie yellow car pnlgrp nl salzburg site 6480 north e team austin ns in florida university of florida mp3 300 eumex ip mit imperative interogative dvd for vehicles mask.'.*ls' failed because parameter d of method '.*ls' of type '.*ls' is annotated with unsupported attribute ramArrayAttribute.

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