ro2 vulcan ranger skill build

Level 4 32 damage and recast after 8 seconds.
Vine Knot Hits enemies twice while jumping.
This skill needs to be kept up 24/7, as the poison DoT damage is absolutely brutal because of a Rangers high attack (even more so with Owls Eye proc).
Level 5 43 damage.
Damage at lv 3, 90 at lv 5, and its up to 3 monster!) Brandish Storm 3/3 your only AOE skill.The Ranger class is Ragnarok Onlines essential pure deeps class.If you are taking the Falcon Assault route, maybe do consider having this at least at Level 4.Although it costs a large amount of mana, it is often used in the Desert Naga party so master it to Ultimate: Descending Current.

Sword Aura 1/5 or 5/5 lalala baka leave it at lv 1, unless you want to be pure DPS.
Level 3 20 damage.
Level 2 36 damage.Level 2 28 damage and recast after 16 seconds.(it has no cooldown, and it looks cool!Skill Rotation The 2 most common types of builds are: 1) Arrow Vulcan 2) Falcon Assault The play style of each build is very similar, but ultimately they are different.Level 2 39 damage.If you want to maximize spiderman 1 full pc game your DPS efficiency, you must know the duration of your buffs and debuffs that you have.