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Kusaregedo for example, hauls the enemy offscreen before devouring them.
Questionable at best, since Nakoruru hails from the first game, while Rimururu doesn't even appear until Samurai Shodown III.
Devil, but No God : Reoccurring theme in series, since the heroes play the part of devil's counterpart instead.
Saving the world is for the heroine Nakoruru.Criminal Amnesiac : Yuda Criss-Cross Attack : Iaijutsu Practitioner Ukyo Tachibana has a hyper move since IV in which he moves at lightning speed to the enemy between him and passing front and behind him as a shadow to get after the opponent and then.Mizuki also frequently expresses her desire to consume opponent's soul.Ouroboros : One of Yuga's symbols depicts an Alien -based serpent eating his own tail (actually one of two tails) to form 8-like shape.Mikoto's and Rasetsumaru's weapons are dcs black shark activation code classified as cursed weapons as well.Based on his special move names, Jubei's projectiles and super are composed out of "reflected moonlight" Notably, fire is pretty prevalent.SNK Boss : Most bosses, specifically Zankuro Minazuki, Gaoh and Yuga.Anti-Villain : Hanmen no Asura Arch-Enemy : Asura and Yuga to each other.

Old Haohmaru and Daruma from Warriors Rage (PS) are variations of this trope, as well.
Kusaregedo - when he is hungry (almost constantly).
Church Militant : Amakusa, who was a leader of christian rebellion." Eyes Do Not Belong There : Asura's Seven Ancient Weapons have eyes all around them, the eyes actually move and watch the opponent.Ochamaro is basically a mechanic onmyouji and was created to seal demons.More Dakka : Jushiro's 'machine gun sword'.Also Yuga's spirit escaping into Shiki's daughter (Mikoto) before she was born.And could leap into the air with all but the biggest one of them.In addition, there were two Samurai Shodown games for Neo Geo Pocket called "Samurai Shodown!" and "Samurai Shodown!Incidentally, this is the only way US and European players can play Samurai Shodown VI without resorting to importing the game from Japan.