satyamev jayate episode 4

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Do watch it, if you missed.Cost will be Re 1 per SMS.Bit rate : 1 797 Kbps.After taxes, the entire amount will be given away to charity.Some doctors ask for more than 30 commission from pharmaceutical companies.Every Sunday by around 1 PM Indian Standard time.Duration : 1h 11mn, overall bit rate mode : Variable.This weeks question Should every state government follow the example of Rajasthan and open generic medicine stores throughout their state, so that all citizens can get medicines at the lowest possible price.Below are the last two episodes.Width : 1 280 pixels, height : 720 pixels, display aspect ratio : 16:9.For example, a branded diabetes medicine costs Rs 100 per tablet, those purchased using generic names cost less than Rs 2 for 10 tablets!

The episode examines how the disease has come to acquire such dangerous proportions with the emergence of new, deadlier strains.
Episode 4 of Satyamev Jayate, a popular chat show hosted by Aamir Khan.
The profession is riddled with unscrupulous doctors and hospitals out to make big bucks at the cost of patients, but there are still medical ncert books for class 8 social science practitioners who stand up for the Hippocratic Oath, and those who want to clean up the profession.VYO5Q5iYeaZM, synopsis: People trust medical practitioners, believing that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to safeguard their health.The donation charged at some of the private institutions was around 60 lakhs for a medical seat!Encoded date : UTC 07:39:43.But when this knowledge is misused to exploit this trust, medical care becomes a nightmare.Atleast 6 of a countrys GDP should be spent on health care India is spending just.4.You can send as many smses as you want.After spreading awareness on Female Foeticide, Child Sexual Abuse and Dowry Harrasment, this week, the show deals with Malpractice of Doctors.Shocking: About 65 of the Indian population cant afford basic medicines.