sin cos tan calculator fractions

You should use equals instead to compare the value.
For angle degrees sin is cos is tan is sin is cos is tan is, add.
45 degree angles work the same way.
Trigonometry functions calculation is made easier here.
Here is my code: import anner; public class MainClass public static void main(String args) Scanner NumInput new Scanner double firstNum 0; double secondNum 0; double result 0; intln Enter first number: firstNum xtDouble ; intln Enter operator: String amalgar xt if (amalgar "sin" amalgar "cos".Using only evaluates to true if you have the same object (i.e.If you don't have a calculator, you best use tables.Similarly: cos x 1 - x2/2!It's based on special triangles, like the or 45-45-90.Therefore, the cosine would be zero as well.

If you don't, it's the ratio of the y-coordinate to the hypotenuse if you draw a right triangle with the given angle at the origin and one side on the x-axis.
Br / fairy tail episodes eng sub br / br / Such functions are calculated with Taylor series; for example, if you want to calculate the sine of an angle, and the angle is specified in degrees, multiply by (pi/180) to convert to radians.
Where is my fault?
Sin, cos and tan, returns the sine, cosine, and tangent.That's probably not what you want though.That means that the individual terms quickly get smaller and smaller.A opposite / adjacent a / b csc, a hypotenuse / opposite c / a sec, a hypotenuse / adjacent c / b cot, a adjacent / opposite b / a, see also.Tan(firstNum break; case "cot result (s(firstNum n(firstNum break; default : break; Radians(result else intln Enter second number: secondNum xtDouble switch (amalgar) case result firstNum secondNum; break; case "- result firstNum - secondNum; break; case result firstNum * secondNum; break; case result firstNum / secondNum; break;.Draw the triangle in the new spot, remembering to include any negative x or y values).Sin is y/r, as you probably know.If your angle is 90 degrees, for example, the point will end up right on the y-axis, having an x-coordinate of zero.