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" Styr to Ygritte src Ygritte : " And if not, the only thing left of him is gonna be his fun bits hanging around my neck.
Unlike the other wildling clans, the Thenn actually have lords (more like hereditary chieftains and mathematical physics by hk dass pdf live under established laws that they enforce.
Thenn, the leader of one of the fiercest tribes of the.
6 In the books In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Styr is one of Mance Rayder's lieutenants and the Magnar - "Lord" in the Old Tongue of the First Men - of the Thenn people, a clan of Free Folk established.Styr is not killed by Jon in personal combat.Styr is a very highly-skilled warrior and is capable of wielding a great axe with ease due to his size and strength.2 Styr and Tormund attack the settlement of Mole's Town.Wondering what it tastes like?At some point, Mance Rayder convinced Styr to join his army and acknowledge him as the.

Afterwards, he and his fellow Thenns prepare to eat a member of the Night's Watch whom they have recently killed.
He forces Jon's head into a blacksmith anvil, however, Jon eventually distracts him by spitting in his face (which he learned from Karl Tanner ) and smashes Styr's head in with a hammer, killing him.
4 After the arrival of Stannis Baratheon and his army, Jon enters the chambers where Tormund is being held and mentions that the bodies of the fallen wildlings are going to be burned. .
Styr is succeeded by his son Sigorn as the Magnar of Thenn." Styr : " So you've said.Styr is also not a cannibal, and doesn't possess scars on his head.Styr, season(s) 4 i know we've had our differences, Tormund.Free Folk, and a lieutenant of, mance Rayder." Styr : " Maybe I have.Src Behind the scenes Dutch actor Yorick van Wageningen auditioned for the role of Styr.