soul eater episode 27

Would Hit a Girl : When Maka asks BlackStar to Hit Me, Dammit!, he does.
Soul had a growth spurt, it seems.
In the manga he killed Arachne and devoured her soul to become one, but in the anime Asura betrays and eats her instead.
One Head Taller : In the main cast, the female weapons are significantly taller than their male meisters.
But as the story goes on, It becomes clear that They are being used by their mother.Wager Slave : The breather episode with the basketball game.Death could 1991 toyota camry repair manual easily be substituted for God, while the Kishin forecasting principles and practice exercise solutions could be substituted for the devil, or a nonbeliever.Medusa lampshades it too in episode 19: Medusa : Holding a strategy meeting right in front of your enemy?While Kid's attacks autocad 2010 su windows 8.1 left a clown unfazed in the battle of the moon, the Desk Lady smashed it with the force of a raging Gorila.Spell My Name with an "S" : Many fan translators spelled the Demon Sword meister's name as "Chrona" or "Krona" until the third ED revealed the spelling to be "Crona." Some people prefer spelling 'Kid' with an extra 'd'.Legendary Weapon : Excalibur is considered the strongest of weapons (which, in this setting, is a race) and his power is considered the stuff of legend.Black Star is the name of a Hip Hop group formed by Talib Kweli and Mos Def.S/he always follows its directions, and during fight scenes is seen to be being dragged around.Chaste Hero : Kid.

Shinigami : Interestingly, only Lord Death and his son are directly refered to as this.
The next form, the "Demon Hunter" Genie Hunter" in the Funimation dub of the anime) transforms Soul's weapon form into an oversized Pick-Axe, and the final form, "Kishin Hunter" covers it in huge spikes.
Interestingly, BlackStar's mentor Sid (despite being ninja themed) averts this trope by specialising in knives (his partner takes the form of a modern, Western survival knife).(Especially considering the obvious reference to Eve, the serpant, and the apple shortly after Rachel's body was taken over by Medusa.) Noah, the collector.Then Kim uses her regenerative magic to glue them back on and tells him not to wash his hair for a couple of days, which might account for the reason as to why he stopped shaving his head.Screaming Warrior : BlackStar.Product Placement : The book Maka is always reading is Gangan, the magazine the manga is serialized.