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Visual Studio 2013 Web Project Templates Visual Studio uses templates to create web projects.
Advantages of the emedia intermediate piano and keyboard method review new code base include the following: The new membership system is based on owin rather than the T Forms Authentication module.
Organizational account authentication options The Configure Authentication dialog gives you several options for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD, which includes Office 365) or Windows Server Active Directory (AD) account authentication: If you want to try one of the Azure AD options but don't have.
T Web API is an ideal platform for building restful services on the.NET Framework.Visual Studio 2012 Templates The Visual Studio 2013 web project creation dialog does not provide access to some templates that were available in Visual Studio 2012.MVC Template T MVC was designed to facilitate patterns-based development practices such as test-driven development, separation of concerns, inversion of control, and dependency injection.Automatic preservation of state (data) between http requests.This is where the url for the homepage is stored (Home/Index).If that exists it'll display, otherwise the above 404 and corresponding error page shows.The new membership database is managed by Entity Framework Code First, and all of the tables are represented by entity classes that you can modify.However, Web Forms is not just for rapid application development.Note that as part of this process Visual Studio embeds client secret values in the nfig file that expire one year after creation.Let's work to help developers, not make them feel stupid.

For example, the site is m and it will be made available to employees of the Contoso Company who are in the m tenant.
For more information, see Monitor performance in web applications.
The use of, bootstrap to provide responsive design and theming capabilities.Web Forms Template The Web Forms framework provides the following features that let you rapidly build web sites that are rich in UI and data access features: A wysiwyg designer in Visual Studio.(This downloads s by default; if you want to examine the CSS code, get s instead of the minified version.) Copy the contents of the downloaded CSS file.Single Page Application Template The Single Page Application (SPA) template creates a sample application that uses JavaScript, html 5, and KnockoutJS on the client, and T Web API on the server.Overview of web application project creation.Now when you create a new empty or basic MVC project and leave everything set at the default settings and you go to: http localhost:30735/ you'll unpleasantly find: So why is IIS not finding your default resource?The following illustration shows the effect of the Amelia theme: Many Bootstrap themes are available, both free and premium versions.