td canada trust safety deposit box

Spend 500.00 On a decent fire rated safe, bolt it to the wall / floor and hide it well.
Home safes face three major threats: fire damage, water damage, and theft.
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Thanks and keep the thread going!Mfd, 09:30 PM, i would go the route of safety deposit box.Fiscal Agents Financial Information Services, data powered by, the Money : Guide Software.People believe our Canadian government is smarter in decision making.Safes Never believe that because you have a safe that you are GTG.When I look at the cost to replace the contents (of just the legal documents) of my home safe, and the effort and time involved, it doesn't make sense not to have a safe.Plugging Along, 01:46 AM Let's say I put my gold in a bank safe.

If youre a student, the fee is waived for the Minimum and Every Day accounts.
Lb71, 07:53 PM, what are people's opinions on the issue?
I will use it to keep valuable items, such as half life episode 1 passport, marriage, birth certificates as well as investment advice slips.I was once in a situation where a disgruntled client left dead fish and cracked eggs in a SDB then abandoned.I also have a safe deposit box for things like wills and fire insurance idm fake serial no solution policies.TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan (free small SDB, subject to availability).MoreMiles, 11:11 PM Please read this!This will come in handy during times of prolonged power failure.We live in crazy times you dont want to get stuck with your pants down; who knows if a major currency crises is coming down the road maybe they close many of the banks for a few days.