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This involved working with theatre initiatives local to the site of the research to document their histories, as well as examining the histories of theatres relationships to the poor, with a particular focus on theatrical entertainments in Victorian workhouses.
Alongside its focus on contemporary theatre practice, the research project had a historical dimension.
Jerzy Grotowski ( ) was a Polish theatre director and innovator of experimental theatre, the theatre laboratory and poor theatre concepts.
Interview with a member of a theatre company using Grotowskis techniques.
Welcome to the Poor theatres research a research project exploring the relationships between theatre, poverty and economic inequality that took place between 20This website provides a platform for sharing the research, including documentation on theatre initiatives engaging with issues of social welfare and economic justice, collected during the research period. .Owen Daly, grotowskis set of acting principles.Lee Strasberg on Poor Theatre, excellent essay detailing Lee Strasbergs definitions of acting.Scribd, sample pages from Grotowskis seminal text Towards a Poor Theatre.Making theatre in the midst of austerity alongside academic publications and teaching projects.The research was supported by an Arts and Humanities Research Council Early Career Fellowship, Poor Theatres: a critical exploration of theatre, performance and economic precarity Grant Ref: AH/L004054/1, led by Dr Jenny Hughes (University of Manchester).

The Daily Times, copy of a theatre review from 1969 of Grotowskis production of The Constant Prince performed in New York City.
Grotowski was born in Rzeszów, Poland on died in Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy on, aged.
We would like the website to be a useful x type jaguar manual port of call for artists, researchers and communities interested in the ways poverty and economic inequality has been engaged with by theatre practitioners.
This page uses, creative Commons Licensed excerpt(s) from.Scribd, essay on Grotowskis theories of movement and physical training.Outputs included a database, a performance research output (.Includes a useful section on performance styles outlining Grotowskis Poor Theatre.From the database, to the blog, to the resources section, the site offers opportunities to explore how artists contributing to the research understand their practice, to hear from communities engaged in theatre projects in economically deprived sites, to extend awareness of a network of practice, and to gather ideas.The House ) and a one-day symposium (.Simon and Shuster, New York, 1968,.